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Lily and Jacques...

Lily and Jacques

Here are a couple of pics with Lily and Jacques. They are making progress in their relationship. We love Lily and she is a great addition to the family. Ignore the date stamp on the pictures. It should read as 08 (August) and not as 09 (September). Again, our thanks to Connie and you for all your work with Briard Rescue.




Val is now running Bryan's life and he is learning that a Briard takes up the whole bed...




Chouia and Kathleen have welcomed Manny into their home. His new life of hiking in the woods of Northern New Mexico and crashing on the couch afterward is suiting him.




After Andy and Dusty were a team they decided to bring a little girl into the family. Zoe is them both totally under her spell.




After losing his owner to cancer, Radar has found a new home with Suzi on the beach in Mexico. His roommate Shadow ( an older female lab) is teaching him how to hunt crabs even though they pinch back.




When Terry came to the Haven she was as close to a feral dog as was possible. She was turned into the pound by an owner who left her in the back yard without attention for over a year. After being at the Haven for 3 yrs, Terry the "wild child" went to a new home with Bev & Joe. To get Terry to trust them, Bev & Joe drove 100 miles each way every weekend for 3 months to just walk Terry. One day Terry got in their car and wouldn't get out. Terry knows how lucky she is and every night she puts a cold nose on Bev in the middle of the night just to get a pat.




Livvy was a very shy 2 yr old who warmed right up to her new dad, Don. Since Don travels a lot for work Livvy will keep her new mom Kellee good company in LA.





Here is our first family photo together. All is well with "Kitty," she is doing fine. After two days, she is going up and down the stairs, not with too much grace, but at least she isn't hitting the wall on her way down anymore, she quickly learned not to pick up speed on the flight down!

Thank you,




This poor girl was traded to an Amish Farmer for some carpentry work. Now she is in a proper home with a real family.


Roxy (previously "Mercedes" or "Sweetie")...


Happy new year!

We adopted Roxy (previously "Mercedes" or "Sweetie") from you over 5 years ago. She was one of the Russian pups. She is a vital part of our family and has worked her way into our hearts with her sweet disposition. We just wanted to thank you for your dedication and love for this breed. I've enclosed our family portrait for Christmas this year. As you can tell, she is just like one of my daughters--tall and blond!




Louis (Romeo)...

Romeo (now Louis) Rick and Barcle'


It's about 20 degrees here in Chicago and the ground is covered with snow. Louis (Romeo) is having a great time experiencing snow (probably for the first time in his life).

He's settling in well! Each week that goes by we can tell he's more comfortable here and we see a little bit more of his adorable personality, and his tongue. He's very sweet and gentile. And loves to snuggle and be close. When we can find him he's usually in our bed under the covers with his head on the pillow. And He likes to have fun in the backyard with our daughter Sydney.

Barcle' is still going through an adjustment period. She's gets very jealous when she sees us paying attention to Louis. And she will definitely give him a mouthful when we're petting her and he comes over and tries to shove his way in. Sometimes when Barcle' thinks no one is looking she'll run around with Louis and they both have happy wagging tails.

Deb, we can't thank you enough for rescuing Louis, caring for him, and allowing us to adopt him. We really love him and can't imagine life without him.

Hope you are doing well and enjoying the holidays,





Bella  Bella

Bella is the girl that hitched a ride from MD to ME. These pictures show that she is in Briard Heaven.


Here's a couple pix; I'll send better ones later. Just wanted to get something out to you so you know (picture says a 1000 words) that your girl is happily wiling away her evenings on the furniture! She's doing great.




Bella  Bella

Greetings from Maine!

As you can see from pix, she's adapted to Maine quite well. Loves....! the snow!! My adult children and their spouses as well as three year old Liam; one and all just adore her. I was really afraid my youngest daughter would be allergic; she has lots of allergies and asthma but she wasn't, and in fact, she took Bella on her daily jogs while she was home visiting. Now they all say hi to her on the phone when they call. She was really good with my grandson. She seemed to sense that he was a little people and she was very careful not to overwhelm him. He's just learned to say his double l's and pronounced her name: Beh-la.

Bella is really pretty. But mostly she has absolutely the-- sweetest-- nature. She couldn't be more affectionate. Not because she's mine. She just is all that.. I think you all saw that nature in her right away though. She is friendly and graciously offers her paw to just about every stranger we meet; and she's quite a show stopper out in public altogether. So, as you can plainly see, I am totally in love with her by now. I'll always be grateful to all of you for helping her make her way to her forever home.




Molly Molly Molly

She is the sweetest Briard we could get and she fits in more than fine into our little family. No problems at all and she really starts to relax and feel at home. Also Herry starts to get very fond of her, the two are starting to play around, lying next to each other etc.

Best regards,

Juliana, Frank, Herry & Molly



Marge and Fluffy
Marge and Fluffy

Marge, Fluffy and Mike
Marge, Fluffy and Mike

This 9 yr old beauty has found a new place after losing her home to unforseen circumstances. Carolyn and Mike had just lost their briard boy unexpectedly also and it seemed to be a match made by fate. The cat's verdict is still out.




Hi Debbie:

All things are well with Dusty.

He was really a perfect match for me. After I lost my two dogs last year, I never thought I would ever get over them, but Dusty was exactly what I needed. He really enjoys hiking on the trails with me and of course, as you know, has a special affinity for balls. We are going to try canoeing in the next few weeks. It's just like I get to start all over again with the dogs, and I am having the best time I can remember in a long time. Thanks to you for that.

Thanks again so much for everything,



Andy Andy in Upstate New York



Boris, Mark, Ruth & Annie


Just a grateful note to say that Annie (shipped through Cleveland on Aug 8th) is a great 'mail-order' dog! She is happy and very affectionate, and is now busy supervising our older male Briard, Boris. She has learned to love hikes in the north woods and canoeing. Crashing in the surf of Lake Superior evidently reminds her of the California beaches of her puppyhood, because she just lights up!

Thanks again and best wishes,
Mark & Ruth



Lucci  Lucci
Captain Lucci

Hi Deb,

Thought you would like a picture to see what Lucci is doing now. She is enjoying her new home with the lake and pontoon. She has waded in the lake several times and seems to enjoy the water but hasn't gone swimming yet. We are really enjoying having her and she seems to be settling in really well. You have done a great job picking out our second rescue briard and we are hoping that we will have many years with Lucci. I am hoping that you will find a home for her brother soon. She and my daughters dog Nash area big buddies now. Thanks again.

Doug and Donna



Paddy & Nathan
Paddy and Nathan in California




Hi Deb,

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Wanted to share some photos of Manolo with you. They were taken in Charlottesville, VA last weekend. Enjoy.

Brian and Teresa



Tigger & Zoe
Tigger & Zo'e are ready for Santa

Hi Deb!

We sure are enjoying Tigger - he is such a fun addition to our household! We have Zo'e the Queen and Tigger the Jester of the Valentine kingdom. They get along really well, and Zo'e only has to remind Tigger once in awhile that she is, indeed, Queen! They are so different temperment-wise (kind of like my human kids!) - Tigger is just such a loveable, sweet guy...all the time. Zo'e is loveable and sweet, but only when she wants to be! They really are such fun. Thanks, and Merry Christmas to you and all your furry ones.


P.S. The new home for the rescue's looks wonderful! I will always remember those big brown eyes all watching us when we picked up Tigger.

They are so lucky to have you.



Macy & Doug
(after a rough work day)


Do you think Macy is adjusting to our house? This is Doug looking a little rough after working all day but enjoying his dog completely. We are both really soooooo happy with her. She comes out a little more each day. Today she actually played ball and squeeky toys for about 20 minutes with me. She chased and played keep away. We are both loving learning more about her everyday. The ducks and geese in the lake are still such a temptation to her. Given the chance she would be out in the water and after them. I figure in about a couple of weeks the lake will freeze over and we won't have to worry about the ducks any more as they leave. Thanks again.

Donna and Doug



Lilly and Oliver
Lilly at Home with Oliver

Oliver and his new housemate Lilly take a break in their garden in Montreal.



Sassy while awaiting Adoption

Sassy at Home

Sassy has moved from The Haven to Wisconsin and now lives with a single teacher. She enjoys being an only dog...Wendee writes...


Things are going well with Sassy. She is adjusting to my schedule. We play frisbee everyday when I get home from work. She walks so much better with the halti lead collar! Sassy hasn't torn her blanket yet. She seems to like her new vet and everything was fine at her first appointment. Sassy is getting used to all the noises in my house and in the yard. She is a real sweet and loyal dog.




Shadow while awaiting Adoption

Shadow at Home

Shadow came into rescue at the age of 7 years when his owner passed away. He stayed at the Haven for a few months until his new home found him and now he lives in Ohio. This is a letter from his new owners:


Shadow is doing GREAT.... He is the best dog with so much personality... He is so happy and adjusted to things so quick.... I really don't know how to explain how it has been, other than he was a perfect fit..... I know the car never leaves the garage without him... (he loves his car time and he has settled down) He understands every word and situation..... He is very-very happy...!

I am sending a picture from the first month he was here. The picture I am sending is of Shadow and Veronica.. Look at his smile..! We have taken lots of pictures, but we only have this one that is on disk...

Shadow has his very own routine and seems to keep track of everyone else's activities. All I can say is that he is very happy...!

Shadow says hey!

Talk to you soon.



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